You might have seen my posts about about my 12 Month Mastermind – The Beauty Business Accelerator and their being ONLY 1 SPACE LEFT!! Applications close on FRIDAY! 😬I’ve had so many enquiries about who this Mastermind is for. I thought I would answer them incase you too were wondering.Below is a list of problems people have previously come to me with, and since coaching with me those problems are now a thing of the past!“I just want to spend time with my family”“I feel like I’m constantly chasing my tail”“The bills are just eating up all my profits”“I want to get off the salon floor but I don’t know how without loosing money”“I know I need to take someone on, but it scares me”“My confidence really lets me down”“I don’t know how to get more bookings”“Recruitment is just such a struggle”“I pay the team, and I have little to nothing left for myself”“I can’t just take a week off for a holiday without having to close my business”If you are thinking or experiencing the same sort of things too and are ready to make profitable and positive changes with my help and support, this Mastermind is for you!I think it’s only fair that I keep it real with you and tell you who this programme isn’t for:

  • Someone who is already a 7+ figure business.
  • Someone who isn’t ready to take action and put the work in.
  • Someone who doesn’t want freedom in their business.
  • Someone that wants to stay how they are now.

I hope that helps a bit more.The doors are closing this week and this opportunity won’t be back until July 2024. So, if you do not want to be sat in the same position this time next year, this is for you.Let me reassure you, you can make changes in your business to make life easier. Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction from someone who has already done it.Oh, and don’t forget as part of the Mastermind you will have FREE access to all courses,my membership and programmes (Worth Over £3,000), the opportunity to be a guest speaker on my podcast, The Life Of KG (worth £490) and FREE access to customisable HR and policy bundles (worth over £200). Thats over £3,600 completely FREE!To find how you can join me and other selected beauty business owners for less than 1 brow wax a day, tap the button below to find out more, or send me a personal email to: and I will get back to you ASAP.Katie Godfrey xxPS. Although I do realise and understand I’ve priced the Mastermind at over 50% less than what it’s worth. I know it still a big investment for some, which is why there are payment plans in place to make it affordable for all. Feel free to email me if finances are what’s holding you back.