Ahh clients, always a fun topic of conversation amongst beauty business friends such as yourself!Do you ever feel like you have to bribe your clients to stay with you? Worry they might go down the road to that “cheaper” salon? Wonder why some clients who have been coming to you for years, just suddenly disappear into thin air? Feel like you’re constantly having to promote to get new clients in?I have felt all these things before.It’s totally normal, but there is an easier way. A few tweaks here and there to your business strategy and some new, fresh ideas to increase your clients loyalty and switch up your customer service to make it 5* will diminish those fears.Did you know it’s actually more expensive to have a new client than it is keeping a regular? 5X more in fact.So we really want to keep those regulars coming in but also have a plan in place to keep connecting with those that haven’t come back. A few things I suggest:– Always make sure you get a clients email and you are doing regular e-mail marketing, that way you will be the first in their head when they want a treatment again. – Stay consistent on your social media and interact with your clients.– Reconnect with clients that haven’t been back within 6 months. That will get you started. Within my mastermind we go into this deeper. We will learn:– Marketing layers, getting your brand seen everywhere. – How to attract and keep your perfect clients.– How to gain press so your clients wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.– Create a VIP salon experience.There is only 1 SPACE LEFT! I’ve got calls booked for applications, but have you applied? If you want a 15 minute FREE discovery call to see if this Mastermind is for you, Hit reply and message me DISCOVERY CALL and I will get you booked in!You never know… you could be the one who takes the last space, and be in a totally different position this time next year 😍