As I write this email I am currently waiting to take off from London to New York, BUSINESS CLASS! I’m like a kid in a candy store.

I have always wondered what it was like. I always travel with my family so it’s not been possible. Last minute yesterday I decided to upgrade. Screw it I thought! I’m on my own, I work hard, I can put it through my business, so why not!

It’s pure luxury. Starting with the lounge this morning, fast tracked through the queue to get on the plane, then the experience of business class. I have just been offered a glass of champagne…. Yes please! Even though it’s 10.16am 😅

Why I’m I sharing this? Because if I can create this life and have all these amazing experiences, so can you! I truly believe that. I love even more that I help beauty businesses be able to create the same.

I’m also sitting here feeling so motivated for my own business. I would love my kids to experience this and I’m going to make that happen one day!

I’m going to share my New York business retreat I am on over on my stories at @kg_katiegodfrey. Come and join me and see what I get up too.

This trip is making me SO excited for my mastermind to start in a couple of weeks!! Ahhhh I can’t wait to get started and for everyone involved. Plus we will have a business retreat as part of the mastermind in January!! Ohhh where shall we go?

See you over on Instagram and I will keep you updated.