There is definitely something in the air.  It’s quieter everywhere. White spaces in most salons diary’s. Cancellations & no shows at its highest. But please don’t freak. It’s just a phase and everyone is in it together. You are most probably feeling it more after a crazy busy summer with most of our salons being successful again like pre covid! It was such a buzz ay… to see things go back to normal. With the negativity that surround’s us of energy sky rocketing, recession & different views on the budget there is naturally going to be a dip right now on top of the industry dip after summer anyways. So….. Hang in there! You got this! Be super productive in your white spaces! Make the most being able to breathe & working ON your business! Prepare for the Xmas rush! If you needs a listening ear, drop me an email or connect with me on my social channels 💗
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