Who needs more time? 🤯

Are you winging it when it comes to your accounts? 🙈

Research shows that the average UK small business spends 10 weeks per year (almost 20% of the year) on financial admin!! Thats crazy right?!


It’s boring 🥱.

It’s confusing 🥴.

Worst of all, it’s not what we are good at—or what we want to be doing! I can think of 100 things I could of done in that time 🙄

But this is important stuff. You need to file taxes, make sure you’re compliant, and stay on top of your books.

The very thought of not being compliant or on top of my books gives me anxiety! 😬

So there’s a dilemma here… 🤔

On the one hand, financial admin boosts your business’s health.

But it also takes up too much time, energy, and focus!

Thankfully, I have a solution…


Why them? They’ll give you:

  1. An automated bookkeeping and financial insights software
  2. Your very own specialised accountant
  3. Fast and reliable in-app support
  4. £1 company registrations & 2 months free!

It was created by experts for businesses!

These experts are available on live chat whenever you need them to answer all of your questions.


Ready to save yourself £100’s on an accountant?

When you sign up you will get 2 months FREE accounting!

There’s no catch… I’m just here to help my fellow female business owners 👑 by sharing trusted companies that can help! ❤️