Lots of you know I recently closed my membership “CCC” to make way for my Masterminds that I’m focusing on to get bigger and better results for my clients. Which has been incredible already and we haven’t even properly started yet.

But… I really didn’t want to leave my clients that aren’t joining the masterminds or maybe not ready yet with nothing at all. Over these years I have really been able to create a community that I’m so proud of. A safe space, a place to ask questions, network with likeminded people and collaborate. So I have decided to keep the membership WhatsApp group open for anyone in our industry to join for FREE! 

This keeps a community going which I feel is so important. 💗

You can join the WhatsApp group here:



What you need to know about this WhatsApp group….

1. No selling aloud.

2. Be kind at all times otherwise you’re out.

3. It’s an open place to ask questions about anything you need support on and to share wins. So don’t be shy.

4. It’s a network that I bring together but you guys support each other.

5. Don’t join if you’re a business coach/mentor and going to try and sell to my audience.


I am not coaching within this WhatsApp group. My support is for my clients, so unfortunately I can not give advice in this group, BUT with the amazing businesses within there, if you help each other out, you can get so much from each other. I will be monitoring the group to make sure it stays a save place.