Ever feel like your beauty business marketing is doing a disappearing act? Wondering if there’s a better way to attract clients without the social media hustle? I hear you!

Let’s keep it real – your phone’s photo album might be a treasure trove of potential content, but what’s the use if you’re unsure how to turn it into a marketing goldmine?

📸 From Content Overload to Content MIA: Sound Familiar?

If your social media game feels like a wild rollercoaster, where you post whenever it crosses your mind, and there’s no rhyme or reason to your marketing, you’re not alone!

🚀 There’s More to Marketing Than Social Media

Here’s the scoop: relying solely on social media won’t cut it in the beauty business. Marketing is a strategic game, and it’s time to level up!

🤹 Juggling Clients, Bills, and Visibility – The Struggle is Real!

Balancing clients, paying bills, and keeping your business visible is like juggling invisible hands. It’s overwhelming, right? But fear not – there’s an easier way!

🌈 Introducing: Marketing Made Easy Event

Join me at “Marketing Made Easy,” where I spill the beans on the exact hacks, tips, and simple systems that keep my beauty businesses thriving. No fancy jargon, no complicated strategies – just straightforward solutions!

💡 Why You Need to Be There:

  • Spend less time on marketing admin, make more money!
  • Be seen by your dream clients and have them booking with you.
  • Luxuriate in a top-notch venue, relish a delicious lunch, and enjoy fun learning, refreshments, and snacks.

Tick Tock! Tickets Are Almost Gone! 🎟️


Can’t wait to see you there, ready to unlock the secrets of stress-free, effective marketing!

To your beauty business success!

Katie xxx

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