So, imagine this…Access to every single thing I have to offer!!

  • My membership, online courses, programmes and downloadable’s.
  • The opportunity to be a guest speaker on my podcast, The Life of KG. Listened to by thousands.
  • Unlimited access to me, the ability to ask me anything, anytime. Have me in your back pocket for a whole year.
  • 2x personal coaching sessions with me across the year.
  • Free access to all policies, contracts & handbooks editable to your business.
  • Join me abroad at a luxury retreat next year.
  • An in person strategy day surrounded by experts and likeminded people.
  • Gather knowledge to skyrocket your business to another level without having to make all the mistakes and take the wrong turns.

Ok, stop imagining now. It’s REAL! You can have all of this.I am giving a select few beauty businesses all of this. For no other reason than to help build your business which will give you the freedom, money, and lifestyle you want.Not to mention, we are going to have a hell of a lot of fun whilst it will be game changing for you and your business.Everything listed above is what’s included in my 12 Month Mastermind – The Beauty Business Accelerator.If you are interested in being one of the selected beauty businesses, all you need to do is simply send me an email to with the word MASTERMIND and I will personally email you back.I can’t wait to hear from you! Lots of love,Katie xxx