Sometimes we totally underestimate time off and how important it is.We get so busy working in our businesses that it feels like there is no way you can have time off or get away. Or maybe you can’t take that pay cut if your business doesn’t run without you there!You have to create the freedom in your business so you don’t feel trapped. Having a break is good for the mind, you can get fired up and motivated again ready to conquer your goals. 🚀If you don’t, you will start to resent your business and just want to run away & close the door behind you. Not to mention become burnt out which you really do not want! I didn’t lose a single penny in the business having 2 weeks off.I earned exactly the same in my pay check having 2 weeks off.I haven’t come back to loads of work & feeling stressed.I’ve created memories with my kids & had quality time.I’m not telling you this to “rub it in”. I’m telling you this incase you are sitting there thinking you want to be able to do the same. Take time off without stress, worry or guilt. I can help you put systems in place so you can do the same.I can help you change your mindset so you are not worried to leave the business.I can help you scale up so you can earn while you are away.Proven methods that have now been used successfully by a ton of other beauty business owners just like you.Ready to make a change? Lets chat 💕