I loved being a guest on The Lash Business Lounge podcast. Lauren Lappin is the host of this podcast and we hit it off from the second we started talking. She is a fellow salon owner and all her team are employed like mine. So we had a lot in common.

We talk all things salon, lashes, teams and running a business without you physically in it.


See below the show notes:


In this week’s episode Lauren is joined by Multi-Award Winning Salon Owner and Lash Trainer, Katie Godfrey from the UK. @KG_katiegodfrey on Instagram.
•How Katie got started in business. And how she discovered Lashing.
•Winning Awards and how-to keep the focus on your Team, and your Brand.
•How did becoming a Mother for first time change Katie’s approach to life and business?
•Katie’s biggest challenge when she first stepped away from her business.
•”Delegation is Hard!” ~ Katie Godfrey.
•The value of routines for balancing family-life and business-life.
•”Don’t let your children be your identity” ~ Katie’s Mum.
•Katie’s typical work day from start-to-finish.
•How Katie (and her team) create so much quality content across so many social channels. And how they keep Katie’s Personal Brand front-and-centre on her personal profiles.
•How has Katie’s Hiring Process for Salon Staff changed over the years?
•Choosing personality (and work-ethic) over qualifications.
•The value of investing in yourself, and getting a great Coach.


Check out the episode here.