IT’S TIME TO GET EXCITED…A fresh new year is nearly here! That’sĀ 365 days full of brand new opportunities, how exciting is that!? I’m super excited, a total blank canvas for us to paint whatever we want our future to look like.Ā I’ve got so much to share with you over the next 12 months, its going to be a year of growth for us all, are you ready!?





9TH JANUARYĀ @ 8PM:Ā GET – SET – GOAL! It’s time to map out how we’re going to achieve every single aspiration for the new year. No more procrastination! It’s all about ACTION. I’m going to help you prepare and position yourself to succeed.Ā 23RD JANUARY Q&A @ 8PM:Gather everything you’ve struggled with THIS YEAR. CompileĀ them into questions for me and the group to help you fix them in 2023!







DebbieĀ – Making Finances Simple
In the session weā€™ll be covering two techniques; Visioning & Goal Setting- perfect for New Year!Visioning will help you to get a clear picture of the idea future (however far ahead you are happy to plan) helping you to have better clarity to make stronger and more efficient strategies to get there.Weā€™ll explore the technique of ā€˜back castingā€™ and SMART goal setting to turn those lists, stacks of post it notes and notebooks full of ideas into achievable plans and tangible actions with realistic deadlines to keep you on track.Hereā€™s to a 2023 fast start!

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Kristy Yoder – How To Delegate Effectively & Become A Master Delegator
  • Founder andĀ CEO of Smart VAs and the host of The Master DelegatorĀ Podcast where she teaches entrepreneurs and leaders to growĀ their business by delegating.
  • Multi-skilled leader, she humbly worked her way fromĀ being a freelance virtual assistant and digital marketer toĀ becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Passionate about helpingĀ stressed and overwhelmed business owners get their time,Ā freedom, and life back while running a successful business.
  • Built and trained a team based in the Philippines to helpĀ business owners scale their businesses while living a freedom-filled lifestyle.
  • Leads more than 70+ team members andĀ has served more than 200 businesses in the US together withĀ her team since 2020.
  • Grew her business fromĀ $0 to nowĀ close to 7-figure revenue and desires to help business ownersĀ achieve their business goals.


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Kayleigh Greenacre – Selling On Stories
  • Kayleigh is the founder and CEO ofĀ Actually, I Can!,
  • Certified Mindset and Business Coach, Ted X Speaker, Author and Motivational Speaker.
  • Supports female coaches and business owners in growing and scaling their businesses to create their dream business online and a life that they love.
  • Driven by growth mindset and believes that anyone can achieve their business goals providing they apply the right mindset, strategy and energy in order to do so.


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EP 122!Ā Amie Justine – Why providing an elevated guest experience is important to success.


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