Thought I’d update you in case you hadn’t seen my socials.

After what was the most incredible event this weekend just gone, after the hours, weeks, months – even YEARS (thanks to the pandemic) of prep. It was a total success🎉and I looked around the rooms feeling so proud that Julie, me and the team on the day had created such an epic atmosphere 🥂. It was so lovely to see some of you there, and the feedback has been everything we could of hoped for. Oh… and I may of been roped into a TikTok by my trainers at KG Professional in the evening (Thanks Lois!)! 🙈😂 If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m sure it will re-surface at some point!

It’s been nothing but a pleasure to be a business partner within World Lash University for the last 4 years, working also side Julie – a friend for life 🥰

But… It is my time to step down and let Julie take it over. Why? As you know I’m due my baby boy 👶. I’m planning my wedding and I have my 3 other businesses to run.

Something I have learnt in the past 14 years of being an entrepreneur is, you don’t need to do everything, you can take other directions and it’s ok to help grow businesses and then pass them on. This is one of those times. 💙

I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting WLU over the years, it has beenincredible and I hope you continue too. I know I can’t wait to be a ticket holder in 2023. 💃