Erm… how it it nearly JUNE!? Nearly half way through the year, I can’t believe it! I feel like I’ve blinked and now I’m here, with a ring on my finger 💍 and a baby in my tummy 🤰 might I add! Crazy.

I’ve been working on some exciting things behind the scenes that I’ll be launching in the next coming months 👀 which I think you’re going to love!

One thing I can share with you though… I’ve done a really long and boring jobfor you!
I’ve created a HR Policy Bundle for you and it’s ready now! I won’t babble on to much about how important it is to have policies in place, but it is something that is an absolute MUST for business owners, we spend enough time, energyand effort into making our business/businesses a success, so let’s make sure they are protected. I totally get it is a stressful job 😑 though, so that is why I thought I’d give you a helping hand!


HR Policy Bundle
You will receive 22 policy’s & assessment’s you need for your business.
All editable, you simply can input your business name & fill in the gaps.


Policies included:
Training Fees, Anti Bullying Policy, Code Of Conduct, Confidential Policy, COSHH Assessment, Cyber Security Policy, Data Consent Employees, Data Protection Policy, Disciplinary Procedure, Display Screen Policy, Diversity Policy, Drug Alcohol Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Safety Policy, GDPR Privacy Policy, Grievance Procedure, Health & safety Risk Assessment, Lone Working Policy, Social Network Sites Policy, Stress Policy, Workplace Rules.

Note We are NOT a HR company but helping HR become a little easier with our experience.

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