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ME! Katie Godfrey – Dealing with Customer Complaints

Having been in business for over 13 years, it would be a complete lie if I said I’d never had to deal with a complaint! Of course I have, it’s not something to feel ashamed of. I can tell you for a fact, everyone in business has had a complaint! Sometimes, they’re are valid and we take them, fix it and learn from it. Other times it can be hard for us to relate/understand someone else’s perspective on things but I strongly believe its about HOW you deal with a complaint that makes the difference. Throughout the years I’ve become a master at dealing with complaints, defusing issues and find resolutions. Make sure you tune in for this episode to learn my tips on how to handle complaints in your business.


Pinkfishes –  Eyelash Specialist Company

Suppling a large range of products as well as a training academy. After years of working in the lash industry friends Annie and Tina struggled to find eyelash extensions that provided their clients with the transformation they desired. Pinkfishes was formed with the initiative to offer customers the largest range possible of eyelash extensions to choose from, enabling them to create every desired look. We keep up with industry trends, so we ensure our customers have access to the most innovative and popular products available on the market. Customer service is also at the heart of our everyday operation, with a team of fully qualified lash technicians on hand to answer any customer questions.

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok: @pinkfisheslashco
Twitter: @pinkfisheslash
Website: &
LinkedIn: Pinkfishes

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EP 106! 

It was sooo nice to catch up with Hanna! I’m sure you all know who she is, but just incase; Hanna started London Lash business 8 years ago. Now London Lash is one of the biggest and most loved brands on professional eyelash extensions market with an annual turnover of £9 million and more than 50 employees.

A lot has change since Hanna started London Lash, have a listen to find out what’s she’s up to now!

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