• KG Tumbler

    We all know how important it is to stay hydrated through the day. You have to look after yourself first before you can look after others. We are totally loving our tumbler cups. For some reason its so much easier getting that 2 litres in each day by drinking through a straw.
    • Stainless steel
    • Can use for cold or hot drinks
    • Comes with straw and straw cleaner
    • 750ml
    • Screw top
    If you want price to sell within your business, get in touch with us for prices. Minimum of 5 cups for wholesale price.
  • lash and brow growth serum
    Introducing our remarkable Lash & Brow Growth Serum, designed to enhance the appearance of longer, thicker lashes and fuller brows with just a single swipe per day. The must have product in your bathroom cabinet.
    • Do you want longer, thicker lashes?
    • Are your brows sparse and wish they would grow?
    • Are your lashes damaged from a lash lift or lash extensions?
    • Do you have lash extensions and wish they were thicker but need more natural lashes?
    • Do you have lash extensions but want to make sure your natural lashes are still healthy underneath?
    If you said YES to any of the above, then this product is for you!   Key Features:
    • Water-based formula
    • Suitable for clients that wear lash extensions
    • Promotes the appearance of longer, thicker-looking lashes
    • Improves sparse, thinning or damaged brows and lashes
    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    How to use:
    • Apply along the lash line every day
    • Apply morning and night for faster results
    • Gently sweep the roots evenly
    • Can be used with lash extensions
    • See results within 2-4 weeks
  • An inspiring, thought-provoking insight into the stories behind a select group of successful business women including Katie Godfrey. Successful Women In Business tells the real-life stories of women game changers who have mastered the fields of technology, education, retail, real estate and more. Through perseverance, determination and a refusal to accept second best, the women showcased in this book have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become an inspiration to countless women across the world. A must have read!
  • Brow Glue

    Who doesn’t love a quality brow glue. This is the perfect product to keep your brows in place all day.
    • Clear
    • Super strong, lasts all day
    • Mixed with Caster Oil, to nourish and moisturise which will strengthen the hair and promote hair growth
    • Use this product to tame your brows in the position you wish
  • Featuring Katie Godfrey the CEO and founder of KG Salon and KG Professional, and a multi award-winning business mentor and educator. She is creator of internationally-recognised KG Professional Eyelash Products. A former model and founder of KG Modelling Agency. Since opening her first beauty salon in 2009, Katie has launched training academies, a range of products, and franchising. Katie left school at 13 with no qualifications, but her passion and determination helped her create extraordinary success. Have you ever looked at successful women and wondered how they got to where they are today? How did they overcome their challenges? What were their most important lessons? What were the light-bulb moments that changed everything for them? What do they know that could help you with your own journey? Oprah Winfrey frequently states that books have made her the person she is today. “When you educate a woman, you set her free,” she says. A book can open doors that were invisible to you before. It can help you reach places you didn’t even know existed. No matter what level you’re currently at, this book has valuable tips and strategies to help you. If you’re looking for “higher ground” – in your career, your business, your finances, your relationships – this book will guide you there.   AUTHORS OF THIS BOOK INCLUDE: • Nicola Whiting – Chief Strategy Officer, Titania Ltd. • Hither Mann – Founder/CEO, Fortune Academy. • Sarah McAllister – Director, The Feng Shui Agency Ltd. • Geeta Sidhu-Robb – CEO/Director, Nosh Detox Ltd. • Katie Godfrey – CEO/Founder of KG Salon and KG Professional. • Tanya Mann Rennick – Secret CEO Coach/Founder of the Oyster Club. • Noel Janis-Norton – Director, ‘Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting and Teaching’. • Gill Orsman – Creative Director/Owner, The Holistic Photographer. • Lisa Orme – Landlord/ Developer/Managing Director, Keys Mortgages. • Bernadette Ana Bruckner – Founder, Health-in-All Mentoring. • Louise K. Shaw – The Body Whisperer® • Laura Spoelstra – Founder, Egg Donor Matters / former Chief Executive, National Sperm Bank.

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