I’ve got a treat for your ears that you won’t want to miss. I recently hopped on the mic on “The Life Of KG” podcast to chat about the challenges we face in the beauty and hair industry, especially during the quirky month of November – that calm before the storm of the Christmas rush.

Seasonal Changes and Challenges: November can be a bit of a puzzle for those of us in the beauty and hair game. With the holiday hustle about to kick in, it’s the calm before the storm. But fear not, because on this episode, I’m sharing some super easy and practical tips to help you not only weather the November lull but actually maximize your profits during downtime. Who doesn’t want to make the most out of those moments?

Monetize Your Free Time: We all know time is money, and that’s especially true in our industry. So, why not tune in and discover how to turn that free time into hard-earned cash? Whether you’re on your way to work, doing chores, or just chilling, this episode is packed with insights that can help you boost your bottom line.

Listen In and Level Up: Ready to up your beauty and hair game? Tune in to “The Life Of KG” podcast now or save this episode to your playlist for later. The insights shared are not just valuable; they’re practical and easy to implement. Don’t miss out on making November work for you!

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As we navigate the twists and turns of the beauty industry rollercoaster, let’s turn November into a profit powerhouse. Join me on “The Life Of KG” podcast, and let’s unlock the secrets to monetizing free time and thriving in our craft. Happy listening! 🎙️✨