Today, I’m bursting with excitement to share an incredible success story from one of my clients, Amy from Bellissima Beauty & Aesthetics. Brace yourself for some serious inspiration!

The Beginning of Amy’s Journey

Back in November 2020, Amy joined my yearly program when she was already doing an amazing £3,000 a month with two self-employed girls. I saw the potential for even more significant growth and knew she could take her business to new heights.

Implementing Strategies and Achieving Growth

Amy fully embraced everything I taught her, implementing the strategies and techniques discussed during our coaching sessions. The results were swift – she went from a solo entrepreneur to taking on an employed staff member and soon hitting £7,000 months.

The Continued Journey in the Membership

After Amy’s 12-month coaching period ended, she transitioned into my membership program, staying connected with me and the incredible network of women within our community.

Mastermind Acceleration

Last year, I launched The Beauty Business Accelerator Mastermind. Amy, recognizing the value, joined and shared the fantastic news – she was now reaching nearly £20,000 a month, all thanks to the knowledge and strategies she implemented from our years of working together.

Skyrocketing Success in the Mastermind

Fast forward three months into the mastermind, with a VIP day thrown into the mix, and Amy is now hitting close to an astounding £25,000 a month with two staff members.

Focus on Growth Strategies

Our recent focus in the mastermind has been on launching new treatments with a bang, strategizing pricing and packages for higher-tier services, and, of course, helping Amy step out slowly from the day-to-day operations to work ON her business.

The Exciting Future

I can’t contain my excitement to see what lies ahead for Amy and Bellissima Beauty & Aesthetics. My prediction? £30,000 months are just around the corner! 😁

Ready to Write Your Success Story?

If you’re ready to join the ranks of clients like Amy, doubling and tripling their income, click here, and let’s chat. Your success story is waiting to unfold – all it takes is your commitment, trust in the process, and implementing the strategies I’ll share with you.