I’m in the middle of prepping so much amazing content to help as many beauty businesses as I possibly can! You might have already seen the announcement of my first EVER free training. Oh my…. I’m so excited for that! If you haven’t yet secured your space on Booked Out Beauty, you can here: https://mailchi.mp/56cc09a0bd90/booked-out-beautyI’m looking forward to seeing all my Coffee, Cake & Chat girlies next week on the 27th for our monthly Q&A. Next up for CCC is how to How to Generate More Business through Local SEO with Claire Taylor! Check out the dates below👇.

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13TH MARCH @ 8PM: How to Generate More Business through Local SEO with Claire Taylor 

Claire is a Digital Marketing Consultant with over 15 years of experience helping businesses generate leads online.

What sets Claire apart is her focus on results and she has helped countless clients achieve online growth and success in what is often a crowded and competitive space.

She is passionate about helping businesses understand how Digital Marketing and SEO works and wants to use her years of knowledge and experience to help and teach those entrepreneurs that are serious about attracting new customers online.

Claire has spoken at numerous events and has hosted training days and workshops across multiple Digital Marketing topics.

20TH MARCH Q&A @ 8PM: With me, Katie Godfrey.

Get your questions ready for me! It’s also a great way to find out… your not alone! No such thing as a silly question 😘





EP 127 with Will Russell – The 5 step launch process.


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