I love feeling lonely.

Said no one… ever!

I don’t think I ever fully understood the meaning of loneliness until I started my first business when I was just 18.

I had people around me, great people in fact! People who supported me and my aspirations. But the more time went on, the lonelier I felt.

I noticed green eyed monsters peering at me, judging every move I made. The more focused I was on building my brand, the less time I had for coffee dates with friends.

When I did talk about my stresses they would almost squint at me. They wondered why I was putting myself through it, they just didn’t get it. I no longer cared about who Sally down the road was sleeping with, I had bigger things to concern myself with!

Am I becoming boring?

I would ask myself that all the time! Being a business owner can be so consuming. That tunnel vision is not easy for everyone to accept or understand!

I craved for people who I could relate to, who understood the crazy rollercoasterthat comes with being a beauty business owner.

I quickly realised the power of surrounding myself with like minded people. It immediately took that “lonely” feeling way. I was no longer alone, others shared the same highs and lows.

Are you feeling lonely in your business? Misunderstood by your friends and family?

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