No, no I’m not dropping in your inbox to rub it in! 😜More to say… this is your sign you need a break too! (If you haven’t had one already)
Keeping it real… I needed this. I’ve been craving to get away from the day to day, be near the sea and lap up the sunshine ☀️ and let my brain have a little break. Plus this is our last holiday as a blended family of 4, which is still so surreal to me! 🥺Burn out is a real thing. Us business owners have a talent for going on ‘auto pilot’, we just carry on. I feel like sometimes people wear the ‘burn out’ badge as a badge of honour. But, it really isn’t. 🙅‍♀️In the industry we’re in, we know the important of wellness and self care. But we don’t necessarily follow our own advice. Who’s guilty? 👀The pressures of being a business owner, is something we can all relate to. BUT let’s not forget we all have a personal life to! We all have stuff going on in the background that no else see’s, except maybe our nearest and dearest. What’s that saying? You can’t keep pouring from an empty cup! 🥛 If you’re not taking care of yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally or spritirually – your business won’t thrive as it should. It needs you to be in control of that driving seat.I will never take for granted that now I have everything in place back in the UK, it means I can jet off ✈️ with my family, I can take that time out, have a break and recharge🔋If you’re reading this, and think “omg I could really do with a break right now, but I don’t know how I could make that happen” – Let’s talk, because I can help you figure that out, give you the tools and support so you can do the same! 

I’m looking forward to coming back refreshed and recharged, ready to get back to business before I take leave for maternity…eekkkk! 🍼💙

Struggling with freedom? 😩
  • Do you feel trapped in your business?
  • No idea how to run a team?
  • Are you working all hours god sends in your business?
  • Is there so much you want to do but haven’t got the time? 
  • Have you never had a break?
I’ve got something that will help you so much! 

Creating Freedom in Your Business Mastermind.

I will teach you how I stepped out of my salon after I was fully booked and the highest earner on the floor. To how I created the freedom to launch multiple businesses, working smarter not harder. And now able to work wherever I want in the world and have all the school holidays off with my little girl (soon to be little boy as well!)

In less than half a day I can show you how to create teams, delegate, have the correct systems in place, and the power of personal branding 🚀. The tools I will share with you will allow you to visualise how to step out of your business, and show you the reasons why.

Kiss goodbye to feeling stuck or like you work for your business 💋👋