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As you know I love sharing opportunities that support you in becoming more of who you want to become, which is why I am so excited about sharing a freeopportunity to support you in stepping into a space where you can be on the way to more profits in your online business, especially if you KNOW deep within you that you aren’t where you should be right now. Whether it’s a struggle to get off the starting line or you have become complacent and need a boost of energy from the top female experts in their field! . Imagine that dream you had for your business but life got in the way. It’s been a crazy year. But now, it’s your time.


A few weeks ago a friend, Nicole Brodie, reached out to me with an opportunity to be an expert speaker on an online show to support mums like you who know deep within that they want to level up with their online business.  There are so many amazing speakers and I am honoured to be part of it, I know you will get so much value out of it. There is going to be free resources, giveaways and it will be a lot of fun. I would love you to be there with me and to show me you are truly committed to your success.

It’s called Million Dollar Decisions For Mums: Top Female Experts Reveal Secrets to Succeeding Online & How to use the Same Strategies to Create More Profits.


I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend!
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The event is for mums and it will be featuring the best and most experienced leaders in their field who are speaking about ways you can create online and offline communities with raving fans, turn followers into buyers, scale without ad spend and spending £££, brand yourself for success, it’s going to be unbelievable and each speaker will leave you with an action item. This wont be watch and forget. This will be watch-do-succeed. 

Just so you know, you will be able to watch this from your home, office, or even on the go, so it’s perfect for you. To get the most of it you must be live as there won’t be replays unless you’re a VIP.

These interviews are REAL, short, and to the point CONVERSATIONS (because we know how busy you are), and include experts who have helped thousands of people, just like you.

You can catch my interview about my story, how I stepped out and grew my business even though I was pregnant and single! I will help you understand how to grow a business without feeling physically in it. You can be SUCCESSFULL and a MUM at the same time! There will also be other experts hand-picked by Nicole because of their wisdom and knowledge when it comes supporting mums who want to learn more about profiting online.

This will be an energy packed, high vibe, fun, and powerful way for you to reconnect with the vision you have for yourself and your business, to get some incredible tips you can apply to your business immediately to see changes, and to fill you up if you are feeling overwhelmed, not sure what to do next or,  to simply be more surround yourself with successful leaders to give you some powerful motivation and that fire in your belly! So when you see other women absolutely crushing it, know this – you are next.

See you there!

Katie xx

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