Omg what an amazing first session!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and now SUPER clear on the direction you are heading in! If you wasn’t able to join us tonight, don’t worry! I’ve saved the recordings for you to catch up on.

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DON’T FORGET your 5 minute TASK in your workbook!

You really need to dig deep on why you wanted a business. What do you want from it?

Was it to give you a better income?

Was it want to work around children?

Work your own hours?

Did you plan to build a business that eventually can run without you?

Once you have really narrowed that down in your workbook, I would love you to share your WHY on the fb thread. This will also let me know who’s completed the tasks to be a possible prize winner!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for Day 2!

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Prize WINNERS will be announced here! So, make sure you are there!