Can you believe we’re week two of 2023! I wondered…

🤔 Have you re-look at what you have coming up this year?

🤔 Have you finalised your marketing plan?

🤔 Have you added on “collaborating with charities”?

No? It is always a really good idea to raise money for charity and work closely with local ones. Giving back is huge and I strongly believe the more you give and help others, you will get in return in other ways.Yes, business is tough right now and we need every penny we can get. But supporting others that are in need much more than us can raise awareness for them and in return your business too.That local charity will have a following and will share what you are doing to help raise money for them. This builds your brand awareness in your local area.Clients will always love knowing that the money they spend in your business is also being used to help others. It makes them feel like they are taking part in the good deed too. Clients are more than likely to visit your salon rather than anyone else’s if there is a good cause involved.Nowadays social media is so involved in our day to day lives,reaching people nationally, that we often forget the power of local!Connecting with other local business, charities and people. The power of local, is you can connect with a much larger scale ofpotential clients if you are connecting and collaborating with others. They will have a whole new audience that might not even be aware of your business.





What charities to collaborate with?In my salon and training academy when we do any fund raising, we get the team involved. Some staff members might have a charity close to their hearts that you might want to support.You can change up the charities you work with. You don’t have tostick with the same one. You could have one you focus on and always stay with. Or you might help a different charity every quarter and have 4 fundraising events a year.



Ideas you can use within your business:Think of the time of year you are doing the fundraising. For example, at Christmas my salon put together a beautiful large hamper and clients had to buy raffle tickets to win the hamper. Because it was Christmas, it’s cold and it’s the time of giving, we gave 100% of the money raised to a local homeless charity called Noah’s.In the school holidays we will have an ear piecing marathon whilethe children are off school and give a percentage to a localchildren’s charity.You can also support the bigger charities and take part in nationalfundraising events like MacMillan coffee morning and get baking as a team.To start implementing this into your business you need to:

💡 Work with your team and see what charity’s you would like to work with

💡 How many events you want to do a year

💡 Get them in your marketing plan so you know what’s coming up and what your exactly doing.




Happy raising money! If you need any extra support or ideas in this area, just give me a shout.