Today Natwest launched an ebook to showcase 100 women that have worked above and beyond in their local communities or shown resilience in their business over the last year.
Thank you to who ever it was that nominated me for this. It really does mean the world. It was so inspiring reading and listening to everyone’s stories today. I even got the opportunity to plant a tree which will be in Kenya which will offset 0.3 tonnes of CO2. Thank you More Trees for that gift.
For all of us it has been a difficult and trialing time in our businesses & personal lives.
Today we see the start to a glimmer of hope with our children returning to school….. running along side “International Women’s Day” was that planned?
Over the past year I have pivoted in business and had to make changes in all my companies but at the forefront of that was how am I helping others?
– I wanted to support salon owners and create a likeminded network so “Coffee, Cake & Chat” launched.
– I carried on business mentoring while homeschooling to support those that needed a lift.
– We launched online courses at KG Professional so people could still get education while on lockdown.
– I helped voice the industry with the help of the BBC news throughout the pandemic.
– We created a safe environment for our team and clients for when we can return at KG Salon.
– Launched Salon Franchise to help salon owners expand their salons.
– While homeschooling. This is what I found the hardest out of everything. Trying to juggle work alongside giving my daughter education and the pressure of timetables and lessons to get through. I am definitely not cut out for home schooling and looking forward to having quality moments again with my daughter rather than juggling all hats. I might of felt like I “failed” in this department but she learnt even more about entrepreneurship and has watched me so much she now asks me everyday “When is my YouTube channel going to be ready”
She now wants to teach others, including “How to paint nails” so I haven’t done that badly 😇
Happy International Women’s day queens.