So today I went to church… (yes I go to church) It was pretty apt too as it was about the day of rest and why it’s important to take that day of rest that God gave us.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that Sundays are my favourite day of the week and how important they are to me. Sundays are the ONE day I refuse to work, the one day I’m not bothered about my phone and the one day I can spend with my daughter and loved ones without any interruptions at all. 100% quality time.

Those of you that run businesses, working all hours God sends….. make sure you take 1 day off a week to do NOTHING work related. Just chill, unwind, reflect and enjoy time with your family and friends without any stress getting in the way.
It’s so important and will prepare you for the successful week your going to have ahead.


Have a great week everyone ❤️

Lots of wishes and dreams,

Katie Godfrey